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Termination of voice traffic to CIS and Eastern Europe.

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Mobile text message communication is fast becoming one of the key communication channels in all spheres of activity. SMS messaging is the most efficient and personal way to communicate today.

The operations of different kinds of business may be diverse, but the desire and need to be unique in the eyes of the customer - to differentiate from competitors on more than just price - remains constant.

If you are looking to advertise products, send business notifications or alerts; immediate delivery of a critical message or alert to feature phone or smartphone; there is no better solution available than Condor Telecom's Bulk SMS.

At Condor Telecom Ltd., we enable our partners and clients to mobilise their business quickly and with a minimum of cost.

Even though your customers, employees and business partners are located all around the world, keeping in touch with all of them does not need to be costly or challenging.

Use SMS reminders to remind people about appointments, events, payments and any relevant information

Alert people about important situations. These alerts can be automated and triggered by specific events.

Coupled with our 99.99% uptime service guarantee and our proprietary technology, you can count on us to deliver your message securely and reliably.

Condor Telecom's global connectivity network enables customers and partners to reach over 800 GSM, CDMA and TDMA networks worldwide, allowing them access to more than 4 billion mobile subscribers today.

 At Condor Telecom you have fully featured solutions

  • High message throughput, with no queues

  • Direct connections to mobile operators

  • Real-time delivery reports

  • Exceptional reliability with a 99.99% service uptime guarantee.

  • Global coverage of over 800 mobile networks worldwide.

  • Mobile Number Portability support.

  • Extensive intelligent filter system providing Anti-Spam Protection to both mobile carriers and mobile subscribers.

  • Supports all API standards as per industry requirements.

  • Support for Unicode, binary and multi-part (concatenated) messages







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