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Condor Telecom Ltd. offers efficient solutions for all VoIP companies which are concerned about their business growth. We guarantee the quality and unique features of our solutions. We do our best to offer efficient services and welcome new interconnections.

Condor Telecom Ltd. provides the transmission traffic services for operators of any level and activity profile. The access to services is realized after interconnection establishment between our company and the clientspartners equipment. The link may be realized based on the TDM (SS7, PRI) or VoIP (H.323, SIP) technology. Afterwards on ClientsPartners request the following services may be provided:

Direct Termination of international voice traffic:

Termination of international voice traffic through direct telephone fixed lines links or mobile networks of countries, where Condor Telecom Ltd. has physical presence. The routes that are sold within the frames of the given service are under our company’s full control. Besides high quality connection presence for given directions, also the full control on the available channel resource is organized.

Relatively direct termination ( pre-direct ) of international voice traffic.

The service of relatively direct termination, is almost identical to the service of direct termination, in this case access to telephone networks of the country is realized through the direct interconnections to intermediary operators that are situated in those countries or directly to national incumbents. As a rule, the level of service in both types of services is the same.

A-Z Wholesale – international voice traffic transit.

Thanks to the collaboration with more than 200 operators worldwide Condor Telecom Ltd. may provide traffic transmission to all fixed and mobile networks to all countries in the world. Within the frames of such service we offer the best quality and pricing combination of the routes with the stress for the lowest rates for our clients. Our intellectual routing system arranges the best distribution way for telephone calls from the existent providers and uses not less than 5 priorities for each direction. The given service is aimed for alternative operators, who wish to guarantee its clients the acceptable quality for lowest pricing.

A-Z Premium - international voice traffic transit with premium quality.

The service is relatively the same with A-Z Wholesale-transit, but in Premium most of the traffic is sent to Tier -1 and PTT operators with guaranteed quality of service, with CLI support, roaming, fax transmission, as well as with the best ASR and ACD. Traffic is sent only using traditional TDM interconnections. The given service is aimed for operators, which serve highly demanded corporate clients, national operators, as well as mobile network operators.

Condor Telecom Ltd. is always glad not only to new clients, but also the carriers of the same services. With great pleasure we will estimate any offers for collaboration with the scope of traffic transmission from us. First of all we are very interested in cooperation with direct carriers, national operators, and Tier – 1 level operators. We are ready to evaluate any way of collaboration: from simple interconnection, up till realization of common projects and investments in it. We always try to be flexible and dynamic in solution of any questions, which appear in partnership relations, as well as in further cooperation.

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